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Arson Attack on Edinburgh Central Mosque


Muslim Council of Scotland has condemned the arson attack on the Edinburgh Central Mosque. Police have called this a "hate crime" and described an object being thrown at the Mosque in Potterrow at about 02:10 on Sunday, which caused minor fire damage to a door, a small bush in the garden area was also damaged. Fortuntaely nobody was hurt in the attack.

MCS Statement


The murder of Asad Shah was a despicable crime. The Muslim Council of Scotland makes it clear that nobody has the right to take the law into their own hands and nothing justifies that.

Scotland as a society needs to work in partnership to challenge and defeat all forms of hatred and intolerance and the Muslim Council of Scotland will ensure it works with all communities to achieve this.

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Scottish Muslims in Numbers Report


Muslim Council of Scotland highly welcomes The Scottish Muslims in Numbers report from the Al Waleed Centre Edinburgh. It is an important piece of work which helps shed light on a number of useful observations which will help better understand some of the underlying issues which can impact certain sections of the Muslim community in Scotland.

While the report also helps identify numerous positive findings too, including the significant rise in degree level qualifications, helping propel Muslims towards becoming a highly educated population, outstripping the national average by 10%. On the other hand, it also demolishes the myths from integration naysayers, by highlighting that 71% of Muslims state their national identity as Scottish and/or British, which will help underline the success of Muslim integration in Scottish society.

Considering the relatively small number of Muslims in Scotland, being under 2% of Scotland's overall population, the data revealed by Scottish Muslim in Numbers report will serve as an extremely useful source of information for policy makers and community groups in better understanding the demographics and dynamics of Scottish Muslims. While it does emphasize many positive elements, it also helps us better identify the gaps that exist so as to address those challenges more effectively.


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