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MCS attends Memorial Service for David Haines


Representatives of Muslim Council of Scotland attended the Memorial Service in Perth for aid worker David Haines, who was brutally murdered by militant group ISIS.

Over 600 people attended the service, with tributes led by David Haines' daughter Bethany and brother Michael who spoke about the touching response he experienced from Muslims, while requesting all people to carry out a single act of unity in memory of David.

The service was led by Rev Gordon Campbell who delivered a moving sermon quoting from the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Last month MCS and Muslim communities from Perth and Dundee had issued condemnations of the brutal murder of Mr Haines.

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MCS Independence Referendum advice


Muslim Council of Scotland has urged Imams and mosque leaders to remind the people about their civic duty of voting in the referendum next Thursday. Regardless of whatever position they take on the matter, everyone must think carefully about all issues at stake, deciding for the good of the country and cast their vote accordingly.

Muslim Council of Scotland is conscious of the strong passions which have arisen on both sides, in the course of this campaign. Therefore MCS reminds everyone to respect the opinion of the other and collectively pray for the good of this country.

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Scotland Speaks: Chooses to stay within the UK


The result of Scottish Referendum is before us, with 55% of voters opting to stay within the United Kingdom. The referendum witnessed a historic turnout of over 85% of the electorate, with large numbers of Scottish Muslims participating in the vote, and in the campaigns prior to the Referendum.

Welcoming the result, Dr Javed Gill of the Muslim Council of Scotland said: "This was, in the words of the First Minister Alex Salmond, 'a great festival of democracy'. And I am so glad that Scottish Muslims played their part with so much enthusiasm. Muslims were involved in both the Yes and No campaigns, and Scottish mosques and Muslim associations played their part in hosting debates and hustings for both sides. We are mindful that there were strong passions during this debate, and a strong interest in the political life of our country, particularly amongst our young people. It is important that we keep that spirit alive in the months and years to come. As our politicians decide how best to devolve more power to Scotland, they need not reminding of the pledge they have made to make politics more relevant to all of the people of the United Kingdom."

Dr Shuja Shafi of the Muslim Council of Britain said: "The results of the referendum vote demonstrates to many of us the importance of unity and civic participation. We can all learn from our fellow citizens in Scotland who have placed so much faith in the democratic process. We were impressed to see so many young Scottish Muslims play their part in the referendum. They are an example to all of us of the need to get involved in politics. For the sake of all of our young people, I hope our political leaders make good their promise to reform our democracy and ensure that politics is not left to a privileged few in the Westminster village."



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