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MCS Independence Referendum advice


Muslim Council of Scotland has urged Imams and mosque leaders to remind the people about their civic duty of voting in the referendum next Thursday. Regardless of whatever position they take on the matter, everyone must think carefully about all issues at stake, deciding for the good of the country and cast their vote accordingly.

Muslim Council of Scotland is conscious of the strong passions which have arisen on both sides, in the course of this campaign. Therefore MCS reminds everyone to respect the opinion of the other and collectively pray for the good of this country.


MCS Independence Question Time Event on Mon 8th Sept


MCS hosted a very lively and spirited special Independence hustings event on Monday 8th Sept. The format of this hustings was based on the Question Time style of panel comprising 2 people from the Better Together campaign and 2 from the Yes side

These included:

Anas Sarwar MP and Shiraz Ahmed political blogger for No

Nicloa Sturgeon and AamerAnwar for Yes.

Host for this event was Rev Ian Galloway of Gorbals Parish Church.



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Scotland's Muslim communities from across the country have united to unequivocally condemn the barbaric murder of David Haines.

Muslim communities from Perth, where David Haines grew up and the Muslim community of Dundee where Mr Haines family live have, in particular, added their voices of condemnation to the brutal murder of Mr Haines.

Dr Javed Gill Convener of Muslim Council of Scotland said:

"As Scottish Muslims we are united in our condemnation of the murder of fellow Scot, David Haines. Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Mr Haines.

"David went overseas as an aid worker to help the people of that region. That extremists chose to murder him only shows once again the depravity of their warped ideology. They have killed so many innocent people in the region, and they perform such murders only to draw attention to their cause of destruction.

"These extremists in Iraq and Syria claim to be acting in the name of Islam. But there is nothing in our faith that condones such behaviour. Muslims in Scotland and around the world have condemned these people, and the arguments they use have been refuted comprehensively as being far from the religion of Islam.

We once again offer our heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the family of David Haines and stand with all communities in condemnation of these barbaric actions"

Bashir Chohan, President of Dundee Islamic Society at the Central Mosque said:

"The Muslim community of Dundee is horrified at the mindless and barbaric killing of David Haines by extremist forces operating in Iraq & Syria.

"We express our heartfelt condolences and offer our prayers for David's family who are a part of the Dundee community. We grieve with them at this difficult time.

"Our Islamic faith teaches us that taking one innocent life is tantamount to killing the whole of humanity. These twisted actions are completely contrary to the teachings of Islam and we condemn them without hesitation and in the strongest possible manner.

"If the Dundee Muslim community can offer any assistance to the Haines family then we are at their disposal."

Dr Anas Naasan, founding trustee of Perth Islamic Society commented:

"The Muslims of Perth are united in grief with the local community at the horrendous murder of David Haines. 

"David was a humanitarian who went to the region to help some of the pooorest and most vulnerable. His murder shows the complete lack of morality and conscience of his killers.

"The Muslim community of Perth condemns in the strongest possible manner the killing of David Haines and we reiterate that this has nothing to do with Islam, these actions are contrary to our peaceful religion."

This Message is endorsed by:

Muslim Council of Scotland

Dundee Central Mosque

Perth Islamic Society

Glasgow Central Mosque

Islamic Society of Britain


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