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Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and Archbishop Conti offer Eid Greetings


Eid greetings have been offered to Muslims in Scotland and around the world by representatives of the Catholic church. The letter containing the message for Muslims around the world on the occassion of Eid ul Fitr was received from the Pontifical Councilfor Interreligious Dialogue and an accompanying one from Archbishop Conti who is president of the Bishops' Committee for Interreligious Dialogue.

MCS supports calls for immediate ceasfire on violence in Palestine

11 July 2014

Muslim Council of Scotland has supported calls for an immediate end to violence in Palestine. Muslim groups across the UK have made similar calls with Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain saying: "We condemn all violence taking place in Palestine right now, but it is quite clear that the Palestinian people are bearing the brunt of the brutality."

Demonstrations in support of Palestinians in Gaza have attracted hundreds onto the streets across the UK, including Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

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Muslim Council of Scotland Statement on radical Syrian group video


Muslim Council of Scotland (MCS) is dismayed to learn of a Muslim person from Aberdeen appearing on video footage of a radical extremist group in Syria.

MCS and the Muslim Community in Scotland has consistently condemned all forms of extremism and terrorism, including such groups operating in Syria or Iraq which seek to attract Britons to join them. For this reason, MCS recently supported the statement issued by Police Scotland discouraging individuals from travelling to that region.

The fact that young people from across Britain feel the need to travel to that region remains a particular concern. MCS is also aware that the avenue of recruitment by such groups is not undertaken geographically. Much of the activity which leads to recruitment happens online, across all boundaries.

The deep underlying reasons that people may wish to forsake their families here require serious consideration. In particular the increasing sense of alienation created by the current climate which has seen the rise of right wing groups in the UK. That alienation can be further exacerbated by the targeting of Muslim communities in some elements of the press of by some politicians.

Muslim Council of Scotland reiterates that those travelling to that region only create anguish for the families they leave behind here. The best way for Scottish Muslims to provide assistance to the people of Syria or Iraq is through supporting and donating to recognised charities operating on the ground there to assist with the humanitarian situation.

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