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MCS Responds to Scottish Parliament Public Petition

Muslim Council of Scotland has responded to the Scottish Parliament Public Petition on Religious Representatives on Local Authority Education Committees. The response can be viewed on this link.

MCS Supports UK-wide Muslim demand for Apology from Daily Mail

Muslim Council of Scotland has lent its support to a letter drafted by the Muslim Council of Britain demanding an apology from the Daily Mail on an hateful article by Richard Littlejohn called "The Jolly Jihadi's Outing to Legoland". The letter has been also signed by numerous British Muslim organisations and individuals.

The letter describes the article as deploying "the most hateful stereotypes of Muslims to attack an individual." It also asks the question; "Would you allow similar hateful stereotypes to be used when writing about other faith or race communities?"

It also asserts that this campaign is not an effort to defend the target of the article Mr Haitham al-Haddad. "He is perfectly capable of responding to the accusations put to him if minded to do so. Many of us may well disagree with the views attributed to him. Rather, we are speaking out at the insidious and hateful tropes Mr Littlejohn uses for his argument."

The full letter is on the MCB website here.

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Urgent Action Required

(Niqab) Face Coverings (Prohibition) Bill

This Friday 28th Feb 2014, we will see the second reading of Philip Hollobone's draft bill in the Commons, Face Coverings (Prohibition) Bill 2013-14

This will effectively ban the wearing of the face veil in public places.

Please write to your local MP by Wednesday  26th Feb, asking them to oppose the Bill

Email them, meet them, call their office. Below is a draft letter which you can use

You can find out who your MP is by putting your post-code into this website

Download Sample Letter


Niqab E-Petition

There is also a UK Gov E-Petition against any ban on the Niqab, please sign this ASAP.




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