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MCS Condemns Islamophobic grafitti on Glasgow Gurdwara

Muslim Council of Scotland is deeply concerned to learn of the nasty anti-Muslim graffiti left on the Singh Sabha Central Gurdwara Glasgow.

In light of the recent similar hateful message scrawled on the signage of a Muslim cemetery in East Renfrewshire, Islamophobia is a truly abhorrent act which, as we see, does not just affect Muslims but other minority faith groups too.

Muslim Council of Scotland stands with the Sikh community in condemnation and requests immediate action be taken to end these types of hateful incidents against all minority faiths.
Scotland is a tolerant and inclusive country; these acts should in no way be allowed to tarnish this image.

MCS Attends Parliament meeting on Assisted Sucide (Scotland) Bill

MSPs were provided a briefing about the dangers of the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill. GP and palliative care specialist Professor Scott Murray warned of the potential for abuse, and spoke of the urgent need to make our excellent palliative care available more widely and earlier: it is about living well to the end, and being in control.

MSPs then had a chance to ask questions and raise any concerns of their own, making some excellent points.The conclusion was that assisted suicide is dangerous and unnecessary.

MCS is working with partner groups to provide a strong response to this Bill.

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MCS Campaign


Write to MSPs representing you in the Scottish Parliament.

You can do this online through the link:

Enter your postcode then follow the links to Scottish Parliament.

There are 8 MSPs representing you, one is constituency MSP the rest are the region MSPs.

Write to all of them, with a short statement asking them to reject this Bill.


Assisted Suicide Bill

Next week, starting 25 May 2015, members of the Scottish Parliament will be voting on the Assisted Suicide Bill Scotland which could make it legal to help someone to commit suicide.


According to Islamic teachings, life is a Divine gift from Allah and cannot be terminated by any form of active or passive intervention by the patient, physician or any other.


All Muslim scholars unanimously agree that this action is strongly prohibited under the Islamic law.


Assisted suicide will put vulnerable people at great risk and will undermine the care and social solidarity that are due to those who are ill.

The Bill suggested procedures and safeguards are open to abuse and coercion physical and mental.


The Bill will create a culture of suicide as a treatment/solution, this will affect young people in any difficulty.


Will undermine the well-established legal, medical and social principles that people should not be helped to kill themselves and that doctors should support life and do not intentionally end life.


Any change in the law to allow assisted suicide or euthanasia would be unethical, unnecessary, dangerous and contrary to the common good.


Efforts should be made to focus on improving care, in particular making our excellent palliative care available more widely.


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